Zürn Harvesting

Happy Customers

“Excellent cuts and excellent chops.”

German contractor Mathias Beilharz

About 60% of Mathias’ customers are biogas producers who generally require a very specific quality of chop. The PROFI CUT 530 has delivered just that from the very beginning:

“The PROFI CUT provides an exceptional cut. We have nearly no overlengths, even when we produce very short chops. This is much appreciated by our biogas customers,” says Mathias.

The John Deere 8400i and the 5.3m direct cut header are the perfect match that makes short work of high-yielding and high-density crops. Mathias is really enthusiastic about
his header: “It’s really stunning to see how much the PROFI CUT gobbles up. Pretty good stuff. Best of all is that the header is running quietly on the harvester.”

The Zürn direct cut header also performs superbly in cup plant: “The PROFI CUT is really unbeatable in cup plant,” adds Mathias.

German contractor Mathias Beilharz: The contracting business operates four forage harvesters that harvest approx. 2,000ha of grassland and 1,000ha of maize. PROFI CUT is used to chop about 450ha of whole crop silage. The machinery fleet comprises two John Deere combine harvesters and a corresponding haulage fleet.

“A large working width translates into high working rates.”

German biogas producer Markus Nusser

When it comes to substrate harvesting, work rates is the number one priority for energy producer Markus Nusser. The PROFI CUT 700 header has the necessary punch to put the high-capacity precision-chop forage harvester through its paces.

“The 7m PROFI CUT utilizes our John Deere 8800i to its full potential, and we get enormous work rates,” says Markus. “Besides, the large working width allows us to work at a lower ground speed, which of course reduces fuel consumption.

The PROFI CUT also scores high marks in difficult conditions: “We really appreciate the PROFI CUT performance in laid crops which are effectively gathered and fed into the machine so that we achieve a consistently high quality of chop,” adds Markus. “In addition to that, PROFI CUT produces a clean cut in down crops and minimizes losses in
difficult conditions.”

German biogas producer Markus Nusser: The business focus is on operating two 2MW biogas plants. The family-run firm uses PROFI CUT to harvest 400-500ha of green rye, triticale mix, Szarvasi grass and further energy crops. In addition, they rear 200 head of beef cattle in a modern free stall.

“The quality of work impressed us all.”

German contractor Thomas Wolf

When harvesting energy crops for biogas plants, German contractor Thomas Wolf expects high work rates and an absolutely reliable machine.

The company started using the PROFI CUT in 2011. “That was a test run in 4-5m tall sorghum, some of which was lodged. All competitors had failed in these difficult conditions. PROFI CUT was the only header that made it”, describes Thomas his first experience with the Zürn direct cut header.

After this very positive debut, the contractor invested in a PROFI CUT header. And this proved its worth in the years to come. So Thomas is very happy with his decision: “The quality of work has convinced us in all conditions. In addition to that, Zürn has given us an outstanding service through our local dealer. They both helped us out immediately
whenever the machine was forced to stop.”

German contractor Thomas Wolf: Forage harvesting is the core of the contracting business. The machinery fleet currently comprises five self-propelled John Deere forage harvesters. Two permanent staff and ten temporary drivers operate the PROFI CUT, harvesting about 200-300ha of green rye, triticale mix and sorghum plus 1,500-2,000ha of grass and about 2,500ha of silage maize. Most customers are biogas producers.