Zürn Harvesting

Mechanical Weeding

Keeping fields clean

Benefit from our new technology for mechanical weed control and reduce weed pressure in the field.

New tools for mechanical weed control

The SEED TERMINATOR destroys weed seeds during combine harvesting. The TOP CUT collect removes weed seeds that grow higher than your crop.

A solution for (resistant) weeds


The weed harvester TOP CUT COLLECT is a tool for mechanical weed control in case of herbicide resistance and to make organic farming approaches possible. Grasses and other high-growing weeds are cut precisely just above your crop. Collecting and removing the weed seeds from your fields improves the field hygiene reliably.

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Reducing crop competition


The TOP CUT is a simple tool for mechanical weed control in late weeds. Weeds are cut precisely just above the crop by a horizontal double knife.

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The Future of Harvest Weed Seed Control


Most seeds are spread during harvest by the combine. The SEED TERMINATOR enables us to kill these seeds which are going through the machine. SEED TEMINATOR is a simple attachment to the combine harvester that destroys weed seeds before they become weeds.

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