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Header Trailers

Quick and safely to your destination

With increasing cutting widths the demands on logistics also rise. For best performance of the combine, the transport process must be optimised. It all begins and ends in converting the combine and the transport of the header. The modern machines with high output must travel greater distances between the harvesting sites.

A good trailer is essential to achieve a fast-to-field changeover without damage to combine or header. With the robust header trailers from Zürn you transport your cuttingplatforms quickly and safely to your destination.

Your benefits at a glance

Version as 1-axle, tandem, 2-axle or all-wheel-steered for each header width.
Customized and tailored to the particular harvester and header model.
Suitable supports for the headers and combines of John Deere, New Holland and Case IH as well as for many other combine makes and corn headers of various manufacturers.
Homologation for Germany, France and almost all other countries; 40 km/h approval for all types available as option.
With VarioSupport you always have your header extension with you.

1-Axle Header Transporter

SWW 300 / 350

The single-axle header transporters are the affordable option for cutting platforms with smaller working widths and offer first-class manoeuvrability. With different central tube lenghts and adjustable supports for all cutting platforms almost every header will fit your new header trailer.

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Tandem-Axle Header Transporter

SWW 400 / 450

The tandem header trailer combines the advantages of the oneaxle trailer with a higher load capacity. It impresses with its good tracking properties and is therefore the perfect choice for larger transport distances.

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2-Axle Header Transporter

SWW 500 / 550

The standard overrun braked double-axle transporters have enough load capacity to transport large and heavy cutting platforms and impress with their excellent driving characteristics.

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2-Axle Header Transporter for Cutting Platforms of Forage Harvesters

SWW 600 / 660

In order to reduce time lost during transportation forage harvesters are usually driven fast on the road. Therefore our header transporter type 600 is braked on both axes as standard equipment and meets all the requirements of traffic regulations for approval up to 40 km/h.

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Header Transporter with 2-Axle Turntable-Steering


The 2-axle-steered header transporter type SWW X2 now allows you to transport your wide cutting platforms up to 40 ft working width directly behind the combine. The 2-axle turntable steering keeps the transporter safe in alignment with the towing vehicle even on narrow roads and allows driving around tight corners.

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Header Transporter with All-Wheel-Steering


The header trailer type SWW X6 was designed for transportation of extra low lying loads with large working width. The all-wheel-steering keeps the transporter safe in alignment with the combine vehicle even on narrow roads and allows driving around tight corners.

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