Zürn Harvesting

SEED TERMINATOR | Multistage Hammer Mill

Killing weed seeds in a combine harvester

Most seeds are spread during harvest by the combine. The SEED TERMINATOR enables us to kill these seeds which are going through the machine.

The Future of Harvest Weed Seed Control

SEED TEMINATOR is a simple attachment to the combine harvester that destroys weed seeds before they become weeds.

Your benefits at a glance

The unique technology consists of two high-performance Multistage Hammer Mills which process the residue coming from the sieves.
Aerodynamic Tungsten coated mill technology for even wear, reduced no load power and long lasting performance.
Only mills that kill regardles of RPM and moisture with 4 modes of action: Crush it! Impact! Shear it! Grind it!
98% kill performance.
Proven mechanical drive.
Perfect integration into the combine; available for John Deere, Claas, Case IH, New Holland and Massey-Ferguson models.