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RAPS PROFI II | Rapeseed Header Extension

This header extension has been proven ten thousand times for straight rapeseed/canola harvesting with very fast payback by considerable reduction of seed losses up to 300 kg/ha.

RAPS PROFI II header extension is available for almost all makes of combines

Entangled plants and prematurely bursting of the sensitive pods are the main challenges in harvesting rapeseeds. By mounting the rapeseed header extension with its integrated side knives, the losses during harvest are significantly reduced.

Increase your yield with the RAPS PROFI II header extension!

Your benefits at a glance

Extends the cutting table by 80 cm which increases the harvest yield by reducing losses
Unmatched fast installation and removal; no changes to the grain header needed
Planetary knife drive for absolute linear stroke and high cutting performance
Patented, mechanical drive of the slim side knife - without overhead drive unit
Very low vibrations and horizontal movements of the side knifes minimize losses in lateral areas
Very solid steel tube frame for years of reliability with cutting widths up to 35 ft

Zürn Header Extensions

Avoid losses - harvest more!

Independent agricultural institutes have found out that the losses of direct cutting can be reduced by 300 kg per hectare if a rape header is used. Thus, a rapeseed/canola header extension pays for itself over a very short period of time.

Zürn can help you to increase your harvesting yields

With the Zürn header extension, which has proven itself ten thousand times

A rapeseed platform extension pays off within a short time and already after a small number of hectares: *  

  • The extended table prevents seeds from falling on the ground in front of the platform when pods are smashed by the reel.
  • The side knives separate the entangled rapeseed plants. This prevents the sensible pods from being pulled out of the stock and burst open.
  • A further effect can be observed at the auger when the high crop volume is aggressively compressed particularly in the middle area, where the fingers push the crop material to the feederhouse. Pods burst open and seeds which are sprayed out land in front of the platform. These seeds are also saved with the Zürn platform extension.  

* Confirmed by a study conducted by the independent French Institute of Agricultural Engineering CETIOM (Center Technique Interprofessionnel des Oléagineux Métropolitains)