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Happy Customers

“We really appreciate how reliable this header is.”

Thorsten Reim, arable farmer

“In the past we occasionally combined rapeseed that was not fully matured, just because  converting the header was such a hassle. Today, we switch from cereals to rapeseed and back up to four times per season. That takes no longer than 15 minutes* for one person. Excellent.

The 625PF proves its reliability year after year – also in difficult conditions. The original belts still do a top job - after nine years of use. We remove the debris only once per season.”

Thorsten Reim is an arable farmer who farms 250ha of combinable crops. He has relied on the extra performance of the 7.60m PREMIUM FLOW 625PF header since 2008. *Thorsten Reim operates a first-generation PREMIUM FLOW.

“We wouldn’t want another header now.”

Reinhard Wirth, Planzenbau-Genossenschaft e.G. Bernburg-Nord

“We got our first two headers in 2006, and from the start, we have always been very happy with them. Today, we operate four PREMIUM FLOW headers and wouldn’t want to be without them.

The PREMIUM FLOW always offers the right table length, no matter whether it’s standing or laid crops. That reduces operator fatigue, which is a great asset during long working days.

With our PREMIUM FLOW belt headers we are always two steps ahead of vario headers.“

German farmer Reinhard Wirth is a member of a co-op. They farm 2,700ha of arable land and currently run four combines each with a 10.70m working width; since 2006 the PREMIUM FLOW has been the sole header on the combines!

"Increasing the combine capacity"

top agrar combine system comparison

„Performance starts with the header. Here the PremiumFlow has clear advantages. The supply of material is a pleasure to work with, much more relaxing. Even in dense rapeseed / canola stalks there was no need to help out with the reel. The threshing unit is noticeably more evenly fed, the feeder house is distinctly less strained.

The header with belts, based on the same working width required no more driving power than the normal header. In addition, the more uniform crop flow generates substantially lower torque spikes in the drive train.

The PremiumFlow header is ready for the rape seed / canola threshing within 10 minutes. The side knives have a storage position on the header. The seal between the belts is worthy of its name. Apart from a little dust, we did not have to clean anything from under the service guards for an entire season.”

top agrar 1/2014: combine system comparison John Deere T560i with 6.70 m PremiumFlow and W540 with 618R standard header.

"Great, this header does an excellent job"

Field test dlz Agrarmagazin

"No doubt that a big share of the enormous T560 performance is based on the Zürn PremiumFlow header.

The active conveying belts always feed the threshing system evenly which is not possible with the 600R series."

dlz Agrarmagazin 9/2007: Field tests John Deere T560i with a 7,60 m PremiumFlow

"Compliment for this very even cropflow"

profi field test

"There's a lot of praise for the very even cropflow. With this header it's possible to cut very low and pick up down crops from the ground properly.
We especially liked the mechanical side knives which we could even "park" on the header rear wall. One person can easily do the crop conversion in less than twenty minutes."

profi 12/2008: Field test John Deere T660i with a 7,60 m PremiumFlow