Zürn Harvesting


It was a delight for myself and research technicians to operate

"The purchase of a Zürn 150 plot combine was a sound financial decision that returned increased profitability to our Company. We paid for it in 3 years with our increased business and profits. Based on the well-known Hege-System, it was a delight for myself and research technicians to operate. When we had problems or questions, Zürn responded with immediate first class service and attention. I would highly recommend this research combine and the after sales service of Zürn to anyone looking for a research combine"

Bill Hamann, Hamann AG Research Inc., Lethbridge, Alberta

The ZURN 150 does an excellent job

“The Zurn 150 is a powerful, well-built combine that does an excellent job threshing barley. I have been extremely pleased with the service and product support from Zürn and AIES. They are very open and flexible to customizing the Zürn 150 to fulfill your research needs.”

Martin R. Hochhalter, Research Specialist / Department of Plant Sciences, North Dakota State University

We have been very impressed with its performance

"To date, we have harvested lentils, field peas, chickpeas and field beans with the Zürn harvester. Harvest samples are coming out fairly clean, and the harvester has not shown any significant seed injury. Despite very difficult harvest conditions the Zürn 150 has performed flawlessly and we have been very impressed with its performance."

Kirk Blomquist, Dept. of Plant Sciences, Univ. of Saskatchewan