Zürn Harvesting

Great birthday parade for the anniversary of Dr. h.c. Hans-Ulrich Hege

In 1963, an invention by Dr. Hans-Ulrich Hege revolutionized the world of agricultural field research. The first viable plot combine harvester to ensure seed purity left Hohebuch and conquered every continent.

Even today, the Hege System is found again in the powerful and reliable ZÜRN plot combine harvesters, developed further and equipped with all technical possibilities of today.

Nearly 60 years on from the first Hege unit Zürn is again developing and manufacturing machines at this historical site. So the Hohebuch estate continues to be a reliable partner for research technicians all over the world.

Recently, the ZÜRN employees celebrated the 90th birthday of Dr. Hans-Ulrich Hege, the inventor of the plot combine. With a historical machine parade and barbecue, they honored his life’s work at the place where he once laid the foundation for modern field research.

The anniversary parade - part 1

The anniversary parade - part 2

The anniversary parade - part 3