Zürn Harvesting

ZÜRN 150-EC | The EasyClean plot combine harvester

Cleaning the combine in record time

The ZÜRN 150-EC is the perfect machine for breeders. The EasyClean plot combine harvester really proves its value if the top priority is no mixture between plots. With its innovative threshing concept the EasyClean plot combine harvester ZÜRN 150-EC meets the requirements of absolute crop purity.

The new EasyClean concept reduces the time required for a complete machine cleanout between two plots to only 10 minutes - and it takes even less time for a well-rehearsed team.

The EasyClean system has a top-mounted concave. The crop flows over the threshing drum, which rotates in the opposite direction to a standard threshing unit. It takes just a few simple steps to open the threshing concave and fold it away. This also allows fast access to the whole threshing unit.

Your Zürn benefits at a glance

Easy and fast cleanout of the entire machine to ensure absolute crop purity within 10 minutes
New threshing unit with a top-mounted concave: the crop flows over the threshing drum rotating in the opposite direction
Fast access to the threshing unit on the basis of the foldable concave
Separation with a large surface shaker that can be removed from the machine without any tools
Full view into the threshing and cleaning system allows easy check for any residues
Renunciation of sieves and cleaning fan minimizes sieve losses
The crop is cleaned separately in the laboratory