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PREMIUM FLOW Belt Conveyor Header

Combine Capacity starts with the Header

Modern combines have a huge potential capacity. In order to utilise this expensive capacity they need a very constant flow of material.

The PremiumFlow header with its active transport of the material from the cutterbar to the feeding auger provides a significant increase in the performance of the machine. With the PremiumFlow header the combine can run close to its maximum capacity.

Maximum Capacity in all Crops and Conditions

The belt conveyor header concept has significantly improved with introduction of the PremiumFlow. The unique belt design with individual "liftup" sections provides excellent accessibility. Daily maintenance and cleaning is kept to a minimum due to the new sealing concept between the belt sections.

Your requirements for a high performance all crops header:

Maximum capacity and universal usage in all crops
Constant feeding of the threshing system for best results, ensuring low peaks of torque on the drivelines and less wear
Perfect material handling and intake in tough conditions laid cereals and rapeseed / canola or in peas and grass seed
Less requirements on the operator setting the correct knife position is no longer required
Quick and easy conversion between cereals and oil seed rape / canola
High daily/season output for economic use of the machine
Reliability and minimal daily maintenance combine capacity starts with the header

PremiumFlow: a cut above the rest