Zürn Harvesting

Peas Pick-Up Series 600

The optimum silution for harvesting peas and beans

The simple operation of the pea pick-up is impressive: Plastic, flexible teeth lift up the stems. The stems break and are transported into the header and the via the auger into the feeder house. Stones, clods of earth or weeds will not be lifted by the plastic teeth and remain on the ground.

Faster, cleaner and with less wear and tear

A small conveyor belt complements the system in the best possible way. It makes sure that the pods and seeds which eventually fall out are retained and thus minimizes the losses which would occur when using conventional harvesting methods. Even the fallout of overripe seeds is largely avoided because of the low rotation speed.

A suspension spring allows a thorough scanning of the ground. By that, the soil is disturbed less and the seeds as well as the machine are cleaner.

The pick-up is available in the following sizes: 4.25 m - 4.85 m - 6.10 m - 6.70 m.